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Palestinians want freedom and basic rights. But every day we live through occupation, oppression, displacement, and apartheid.

Our mission is to share the story of Palestine and its people with the world. By elevating the voices of those who have not been heard, we hope to show you the realities Palestinians face every day.

Please join us in supporting Palestinian rights and freedom.

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    Recognise Jerusalem as Palestine's capital

    It is time for the US Government to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

    Jerusalem has been home to Palestinians for centuries.

    The city represents the soul of the Palestinian people.

    For decades, Israel has occupied, dispossessed and oppressed the Palestinians of Jerusalem.

    With his illegal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his decision to move the US Embassy there, President Trump is validating a system of grave injustice and impunity.

    Call on your representative to reject the US Embassy move and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

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    Sign this petition to show your support.

    Will you sign?

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