About us

The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) aims to share the story of Palestine with the world and to invest in developing Palestinian public diplomacy capabilities at home.

We believe it is important for the world to see the human side of Palestine and its people as they struggle for freedom and basic rights. Our work is to make sure these personal stories are told and to help Palestinians themselves share their stories with the world.

We aim to move beyond the headlines to show the daily reality of a resilient people and introduce a more credible discourse on Palestine and Palestinians.

PIPD is an independent, non-governmental organization. It is based in Palestine and is led by a board of prominent Palestinians from the private sector, academia, and civil society.

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PIPD Board Members

  • Ghassan Khatib (Chairman)
  • Zahi Khouri (Vice Chairman)
  • Samir Hulileh (Treasurer)
  • Lana Abu Hijleh (Secretary General)
  • Dr Hanan Ashrawi
  • Ammar Akker
  • Samer Khoury
  • Tarek Aggad
  • Hashim Shawa
  • Nafez Hussieni
  • Samir Awad
  • Samih Abed
  • Kamel Husseini

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