I Am Palestinian

The “I am Palestinian” series presents personal Palestinian stories in the context of how the occupation, oppression, displacement and Apartheid penetrates every aspect of Palestinian life.

Children of Tal Rumeidah.

Meet the children of Tal Rumeidah.

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Meet Palestinian Women Athletes

Sports give Palestinian women freedom, confidence and a voice in the face of occupation.



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Christians of Palestine

Meet the Christians of Palestine.

They are part of the oldest Christian tradition in the world.

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Meet Sulaiman

Meet Sulaiman, a Palestinian farmer with little access to water because of the Israeli occupation.

Him and his family sometimes go 2 or 3 days without any drinking water.

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Meet 3 Generations of Palestinian Women

Meet Hassna, Taghreed and Rita – three generations of Palestinian women that have spent their lives in a refugee camp.

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Meet Hasan

Hasan is 17 years old and lives in Ramallah's Qadoura refugee camp.

Last year, when he was just 16, he was detained for 8 months by Israeli security forces.

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